Trinity United Methodist School provides academic excellence in a Christian environment for students age two through fifth grade. Since the year 1969 Trinity has provided a vigorous academic program in a family atmosphere for students of average to exceptional ability.


(Student/Teacher ratios: 2-year olds 1:6; 3-year olds 1:10; & 4-year olds 1:12)

At Trinity United Methodist School (TUMS), we work hard to insure that each child’s individuality is recognized. Our curriculum goals are to have our children emerge from our program with a very positive self-image, a respect for the differences that exist between themselves and their classmates, and the feeling that they can accomplish whatever task they wish to pursue. [Read More]


(Student/Teacher ratios: Kinder – 5th Grade 1:15)

At Trinity United Methodist School (TUMS), we believe that a child must understand the environment he/she lives in, be stimulated to learn more about that environment, and be given the proper tools to pursue their quest for knowledge. We acknowledge the need for fulfillment of God’s unique plan for each child, while creating an atmosphere conducive to the development of responsible citizens who are conscious of their role in God’s world. [Read More]